Kelly’s Angels Foundation is dedicated to provide support for children of homicide victims and violent crimes.


Kelly’s Angels Foundation is named after the founder Jamie Guerrero’s sister Kelly Melissa Guerrero. On March 17, 2013 Kelly was taken violently from family and friends on a deadly weekend  in Stockton, California.  http://www.recordnet.com/article/20130319/A_NEWS/303190314


The research shows that childhood trauma has a impact on the brains temporal lobe. The temporal lobe processes emotions, language, learning and memory. To avoid school regression we provide children with tutoring support that is beneficial to   succeed academically.

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We have the idea to guide and counsel  children  with the hope of creating new young creative mentors that can stimulate the next generation of youth.  Our future world leaders are right here in front of faces. We can make a difference.

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Forever Remembered


Creative therapies such as art, music and poetry can help children express feelings that can assist in the grieving process . Group and private support from therapist can help teach  coping skills that can be useful for a lifetime. Social and emotional help is critical to the success of these “forgotten children”.

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Next Steps…

How can you help? Helping can be easy volunteering or donations are welcomed. Lets help and not forget about these children that have been through traumatic experiences.

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